Lew Tarnopol Bio


Born and raised in Chicago, my current residence is Hillsboro, OR.  About 10 years ago, my lifelong love of photography grew into a desire to become a full-time professional. This led to my attending a multitude of photography workshops, classes and field trips over the years, all taught by highly regarded professionals.

Honing my skills to learn the concepts of composition, post-processing, lighting, fine art printing and other photographic techniques has served me well - several of my Fine Art images have won awards or accolades in local, national and international competitions. In 2015, I was named a Platinum Medalist by the Professional Photographers of America. To help others in their pursuit towards photographic excellence, I serve on the board of the Oregon Professional Photographers Association.

My goal when creating a Fine Art image is to bring out the extraordinary hiding in the ordinary, to capture a moment of beauty or intrigue; to freeze a perfect image in time. There are two types of situations I want to photograph - those that already 'exist', including interesting light, architecture and landscapes, and those that are 'created', like a perfectly formed flower or portrait that I pose and photograph in my studio.

My work includes creating Fine Art prints and photographing children’s dance recitals. Using a color-managed workflow, I also provide local acrylic artists with digital captures of their canvases so they can create prints which allows them to sell highly accurate photographic reproductions.